Tips to improve your Sleep

8 Tips to Naturally Improve your Sleep

  1. Sleep in complete darkness. Exposure to light disrupts the circadian rhythm of the pineal gland and this disrupts the production of melatonin.
  2. Don’t eat before bed. Lying down leads to indigestion.
  3. Avoid stimulants such as caffeine, tobacco, or alcohol.
  4. Cool down. Temperatures over 21 degrees Celsius can disrupt your slumber. Body temp typically drops when you fall asleep so a cooler room temp is more aligned to your body’s own innate sleep temp. The body needs to cool slightly for proper melatonin release.
  5. Sleep naked! Tight clothing will increase body temperature therefore interfering with the release of melatonin.
  6. Establish regular sleeping hours. Make bedtime between 10pm and 11pm. Our adrenal glands recover most between 11pm and 1am.
  7. Open the blinds upon waking. This ensures that melatonin levels drop back until the evening and has been shown to increase energy for the day. It also boosts testosterone in men and luteinizing hormones in women, which triggers ovulation.
  8. Keep pets and children in their own beds to prevent sleep disruption.